Thursday, July 30, 2015

still trying to catch up

 June 24th Me and  my sister Bethany took the kids to the living aquarium, we met up with my Friend Miche Barbosa. It was lots of work to make sure we had all three of the kids going in a million different ways, we didn't have a stroller for Paisley and she was squirming to get out of my arms the whole trip but all in all we had a really good time. I don't think my sister knows how much it ment that she came to hang out with us and her help was unbelievably helpful too.

 Later that day I went to the store for a few things and Peyton passed out in the cart. The funny thing was when we got home from the aquarium I tried to get him to take a nap and he would not go for the idea at all. O well he got a little snooze in the grocery store.

 After his nap and dinner we went out side to play in the sprinklers, Paisley was loving it! She loves to be with her brothers and do what ever they are doing. It was super hot so they played for quite a while and I loved watching them play.

 We spent a ton of time at the pool over the summer, what made it so memorable was going with my sisters. Some times my mom would watch paisley while she napped and me and my sisters would just go with the boys. Those were some of the best times cause the boys would do the diving board over and over so I could lay with my sisters and soak up the sun. They are super fun Aunts as well so after a while they would jump in the pool and play in the water with the boys. My memories of the summer will have so many fond ones at the Taylorsville pool.

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