Saturday, July 11, 2015

More of June

 Friday June 12th we went to visit our friends Mike and Amoree Farnsworth. We haven't seen them in years and it was just like old times except we both had one more child . That same night Me and Breanna Made these super yummy blueberry muffins for our long road trip, we found the recipe on Pinterest.
 Saturday the 13th- Tex had to go home to Florida and Me, Breanna, and the kiddos were leaving to go to the cabin. My Mom, Dad and Bethany left a few days before us because the team that my dad coaches had games in Idaho. We met up with them Saturday evening. The boys and Paisley did so awesome and it was so fun to talk with my sister Breanna.

 Brenton is an assistant coach with my dad and him and Aly came to the cabin too. I don't have very many photos with my brother sense he got married so I snagged one after the game before we finished our drive to the cabin. I love this kid so much!
 The rest of these pics are just pics I took at the cabin. The boys played Pick up sticks with my sisters, we watched movies, went 4 wheeling, celebrated Peyton's 5th Birthday, we drove up Sawtelle Mountain, went to the Play Mill, played in the rain and took nature walks. Its been a few years sense I have gone to the cabin and I really had such a fun time. It is hard with kids and there nap schedule, trying to put them to bed when they can still here everything and want to stay up too. Also any time you put a whole bunch of Adults in one cabin there is bound to be a few upsets but seriously on the whole I will think back on this trip and these memories very fondly.

  For Peyton's birthday Grandma and Grandpa him a got a spider man towel, Grandma made him this awesome monster blanket, he got some air planes and Frozen figurines. I cant believe this little boy is already 5.

                              Dinner before the Play Mill

  They sang to Peyton for his Birthday, He totally loved it!

 Peyton always picks the prettiest flowers for me, I really do try to hang on to them but by the time I get home they are all crumpled so I took a picture of one to remember how sweet he is and how much it always means to me.

                                             -Sawtelle Mountain

 Me and Breanna re created the photo on the left. I was looking through all the picture books up at the cabin and came across this one of us so little  and totally died. I love my sisters so much.
 The night before we came home we went to a Rodeo. It was super fun. Peyton wore the boots he got from the first rodeo at the first of the month with his Aunt Breanna proudly wearing hers.

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