Saturday, May 26, 2012

The last few days

Well I sure do not do a great job of keeping up, I feel like I am always catching up.Thursday we took Tate on a date to see the Avengers because he is all about all the super Hero's he loved it and we had such a good time hanging with just him. When we sat down in the theater he gave Tex a Kiss and then me. So because my good friend Jaime Starley watched Peyton for us we watched her kids the next night and the 5 of them had a blast! That same night Tex had to run and get ice and while he was out he saw this Spider man mask and got it for Tate. Tex has to make Tate a mask almost every day, we just print it on card stock and put yarn around it so he can fit it around his head. So this was an amazing find. Tate was not asleep yet so we surprised him with it and of course he loved it. It is so fun to give to your kids way more fun then getting anything for yourself. I think?? Today we got up early and went with some friends to the beach ( hence the boat and paddle board we would not be able to afford any of it right now) all I can say is it was such a good time it was warm the water felt so good the boys had fun. Peyton took a little nap in the little boat raft thing. When we got home around 2 or so there were a ton of people at the pool, it looked like fun so we went and played at the pool for a while. The rest of the night we  just hung out, something on Animal planet called Gator boys, Tex was getting a big kick out of it. He wants to wrestle an alligator. I know he wants to and I want him to do all the fun things that are on his bucket list but that one I would be great with if it never happened. :)  The boys wrestled for a while before bed and now for Bed.


  1. All that sun made me jealous. We have had rain for a week and one day it even snowed. Looks warm and beautiful.

  2. Holy cow snow in almost June? Yes I do love the sun but I will have to say I wish it would snow around Christmas time, It never feels quite like Christmas with out the snow. :)