Thursday, May 10, 2012

This week has been heaven!!! Tex has had a break from school and we have been playing and it has been so fun. :) I am not sure why but I feel the need to recount everyday that we have had Starting with SUNDAY: Church of course but then after dinner we went down by are pool and let the boys get some energy out, It was so beautiful out side and fun to play with the boys a little hide and seek and then Once upon a time at 8 and it was such a good episode. MONDAY: We did some major grocery shopping which was awesome first because I didn't have to do it alone Tex is the best husband ever to help me!! and second cause we had nothing in the fridge and it was nice to finally have what my kids wanted instead of sorry Mommy doesn't have that, we need to go to the store. After naps we went to the beach with pretty much every body, The Lewis's, Starley's, Averett's, Simmons and Sierra. The Lewis's and the Averetts moved along with the Andersen's and Fosen's (they are starting residency) so it was  one last day at the beach party for who ever could come, dinner, and then Tex and I had some yummy ice cream while we watched War Horse. Good movie, slow but good. TUESDAY: I helped my friend Nichole Averett, She had to run to the doctors office and then she hung for a little bit then off to the air port, when I left to take Nichole to the air port I took Peyton with me and tex kept Tate while Tex was cleaning are bed room Tate feel asleep watching Hook and he didn't move for like 45 min, so cute . Tex again was the best husband and was cleaning for me all day when I got home I helped him and we got the house spic an span. That night we played hide and seek with the boys in the house!! It was such a blast I found the best spot in our closet and Tex couldn't even find me:) I was seriously laughing so hard its not like we have a very big apartment! :) Then it became this game where could we hide Tate? Cause he is so little and fits any where. The boys loved it and we made such fun memories. WEDNESDAY: When we got up  ate and left for the beach by are house and the Simmons came with us so we played from like 10 to 1 Tate and Ruby get along so good and Tex got to snorkel and me and Amy talked and watched the little ones while we got some rays. We got home and put the boys down for naps and it started Raining like crazy!! We couldn't even see the building across from us. I love it when it rains like that, just totally dump it leaves these crazy puddles and for some reason it is very peaceful to me I guess it wouldn't be if it was a monsoon but sense it wasn't I enjoyed it. Tex feel asleep below me and hung out on the couch watching a really stupid vampire movie. When the boys woke up we had some snacks and walked over to the mall and let them play in the play area. After dinner that night Tate asked if he could watch one part of Iron man, We said okay but just that one part and then it is time for bed he agreed  after it was over Tex said okay Tate time for bed and he started Please can I watch this one more thing?? Tex said Tate I said... and before Tex could finish Tate rolled his eyes and said go ahead turn it off. When Tex told me I was laughing so hard. Maybe this is a sign of trouble when he is a teenager  but it really was funny. :) Today (THURSDAY): We went to the Miami Sea aquarium with Adam Amy Simmons and there two little girls Ruby and Vivian. Walking in to the Sea aquarium we saw this huge iguana Tex chased it around trying to pick it up but the thing got away. It was so hot but of course very fun, on the last show we stayed for Peyton was getting so tired he got on Tex's lap like this and had him hold his head up and he just hung out with dad i thought it was pretty hilarious. After because it was so so so flipping hot we played at the beach. Tate loves the Beach he is a fish I swear he put his goggles on and turns into a fish. I think when we have money I will put him in swim lessons or something?  We made it home just in time because it started raining again like crazy we had hot dogs for dinner and I loved it. I have not had a hot dog in forever. Boys are in bed and now me and Tex are going to have some brownie's and ice cream YUM!! We still have a few more days before dad goes back to school and we never see him again so I will give you part two on Monday. :)

Quick Side Note: Peyton is going to be Two in June and it is so fun to see them grow and develop you know become there own person. I am noticing that Peyton loves treats especially  Ice cream like his Mom and he love Music. Any time I have something on and it is finished he says again again. Any way that is all.

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