Friday, May 18, 2012

Holy Cow Peyton's hair is cracking me up. Pretty much any where we go people think he is the prettiest little girl. I think I am for sure going to cut it in a few days. I love his curls so much and am going to miss them but I guess its better than getting his gender mixed up. He turns two in a few weeks so it is good timing. Come on though that pony tail ROCKS. I would feel like the luckiest girl ever if my next little one was a girl and she had those awesome curls!Either way it is fun to have a kid with curls like Peytons cause mine has always been so straight. Today we went to the pool like we do most everyday I guess but today the boys sitting on the floor in the kitchen eating peanut butter sandwiches  together still wet was so super cute to me. :) Love you boys!

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  1. Cora was born with awesome curls like that. It was so great to do her hair. Now at 12 they are only underneath on the bottom half. So the top half which is straight is crazy and it is not fun to do. I hope the curls stay for you after you cut it. Where in Texas are you? My husband has to come back to Dallas again in June and I am trying to come with him.