Wednesday, May 23, 2012

All about Peyton!

 Well Monday we finally did it, we cut Peyton's hair! I miss it so much I think he looked better with longer hair maybe I am crazy but I liked it way better, especially cause when it dries and is kinda fluffy he looks like Hailey Mills from the Parent trap. :) O well I guess there is nothing I can do now unless I cut more off?? He is still my cute little boy who gets into trouble like for Example the couch. I was in my room studying my lesson when I heard Tate say Peyton what is that?? I walked out knowing it was going to be bad and It was, Purple marker every where and then of course when I was scrubbing the couch he decides to play with the yucky AC filter that they had just come and changed an hour before so it was all over the carpet so I started scrubbing that as well. The cleaning never ends!! I have to remind myself that it is good to have active children or I might go crazy. :) He didn't like the spanking I gave him, he gave me quite the glare down when I took his picture. Love you Peyton. I can't figure out why it looks cuter wet then dry?

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