Sunday, May 6, 2012

Are Cruise

Are Cruise started out a little rocky, First it was raining like crazy and was super windy and everyone said it looked like it would do a lot of raining so we were disappointed, then when Josh and Sierra dropped us off and went to park they lost Josh's birth certificate which would mean they for sure were not coming so Sierra called us frantic asking if we had put it with our stuff, We checked and nope we had not. I felt like we should maybe go check were they dropped us off to see if it had flown out. We walked back over and yes it was laying submerged in a puddle of water so we did our best to dry it while we waited in line. Key West was very Rainy but it was still a lot of fun to walk down Duvall street and look in the shops and see the little town which I loved!! Every house and building had such charm. It would be such a fun place to live. Cozumel Mexico was so beautiful it stopped raining for us that day and although I didn't do a whole lot of snorkeling cause it gives me a headache it was fun to see the fish and be in the water. We found this little secluded pocket of water that was a mix of salt water and fresh water that had all these cool tunnels underneath the water and  Tex said the fish would come up so close you could almost just grab them. We stayed in this area for a while even after they were done snorkeling  jumping off the ledge, swimming around and taking lots of pictures. The sun felt so good sense it had been raining like crazy. The food was amazing and lots of it we had chocolate molten cake with 2 scoops of ice cream every night for desert and they had all you could eat ice cream and frozen yogurt that I of course was at the bulk of the time. So yummy!! :)  The service was Awesome too they were so nice we got to know a few of the servers that we saw around more often then others and they always seemed happy to see us too. Those people that work on those ships work 11 hours a day and live on the ship and only get 2 months off out of the year and they always have a smile on there faces. We had a good time and it was good to relax and be with Tex, But we were sure glad to get home to our boys we missed them so much!! It made us realize how much we forget how much we do love them,  I have this renewed dedication to be a better mom to my sweet boys. Grateful for the fun we had and that we got back safe. My Mom and sister were amazing to watch my boys and little Tate was very sad to see Grandma go he cried for 45 min after dropping her off at the airport. Even though it such a short time away we are excited to see Grandma and Grandpa in June.


  1. Glad it didn't rain the whole time. But even warm rain is not to bad. It is always freezing here when it rains. Sounds like a great time.

  2. Yes you are right warm rain is not too I actually like to play in the rain here cause it is not cold.We had a good time you guys should save and come visit us we could take you guys snorkeling out by are beach?