Monday, April 23, 2012

Day to day!!

So We are in the middle of the Finals and we only have 5 more days and then a little freedom. Grandma and Aunt Breanna are coming to visit, while Tex and I go with some friends on a Cruise. We went to the park Yesterday and had such a good time! Peyton is getting so big, I am sure I have mentioned that he likes to do everything Tate's does but it get worse everyday. It was so cute when we were leaving the park yesterday Peyton would not get in the stroller and so I said K I am leaving and started to run, he thought he could keep up if he ran but was pretty far behind us so I stopped and said Peyton you need to get in please? He shook his head NO so I started off running again and said okay by see ya later, he again tried to keep up but was getting further and further behind and Tate started to freak. MOM!! MOM!! Stop don't leave without him! Straining hid neck from the stroller tell Peyton to hurry and looking back at me begging me to wait for Peyton. I told him Peyton wasn't listening so we had to leave him. He strained his neck again telling Peyton to listen to Mom, PLEASE MOM don't leave him!! Peyton realized by now that he was not going to make it and started crying in desperation so I stopped turned around picked him up, kissed him and said you need to listen to Mommy. When I say it is time to get in the stroller you need to say Okay Mom. He shook his head in Agreance and sat down next to his very concerned older Brother. Tate wrapped Peyton in his arms and gave him a really long hug and then turned to look at me and said Mom even if Peyton doesn't listen next time I don't want you to leave him because he is are really cute little bruver and I would miss him! I hope that they are always close! They will need each other in this increasingly wicked world. So I offered to help a lady in our ward give the lesson in Gospel Doctrines a few weeks ago for this Sunday, It was on how we are indebted to are Heavenly father and it was lots of fun to study just not so fun to give the lesson I am so glad it is over and hope I didn't do awful? Alright well I am going to got to bed now cause it is so super late and I am so tired.

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