Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter :)

Easter 2012!! It was a fun Easter. Saturday morning me and two friends (Amy Simmons and Nicole Averett) Hid plastic eggs filled with little candies by my pool and the kids had a little egg hunt down stairs at the pool that they thought was very fun. Later that day the city of Sunny Isles put on another Easter egg hunt. It was fun but Hot! They blow up a million beach balls and gate off areas for each age group and the eggs are underneath all these beach balls, it is a chaotic mess but Tate loved it. Peyton just hung back from the craziness and  kicked the balls around. We took a Picture with the Easter Bunny, Peyton was not digging it to much that is why dad is in the picture with them. We were sad we didn't get to take pictures with the male bunny but we didn't have the write documents saying we lived in Sunny Isles, so O well!! After much needed naps we colored eggs with are friends the Andersens. We did it out side at the bar by are pool cause we new every one would be a hot mess, which they were. Peyton had a good time with the one egg I let him Dye, He thought the coloring was juice and he really wanted to drink. We got orange dye everywhere and then he mashed his egg up in his hand, I was really done after that and put him down to run around. Tate did good though, he likes to be creative like his dad so egg after egg into a different color they went and with his friend Kade they colored them the all. Fun Times Fun times!!! We should have had someone take a family Picture for us at church but we forgot so we did the best we could with Tex's long arm, that is why we are all scrunched into the photo.While the boys napped the Easter bunny hid all the hard boiled eggs and brought a little bag of candy in there baskets, it wasn't a lot but they thought it was cool so well done Easter Bunny. It was simple but lots of fun. So many good memories and good friends that we will miss. :)

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