Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spider Man Boys!

O My goodness I love this picture of these sweet boys! The costume Peyton is wearing was Tate's and he wore it 2 Halloween's ago. Tate found this Spider Man costume in Red White and Blue yesterday when Britt Andersen and I were shopping  for old T - Shirts, It was 2 bucks so I got it for him washed it and this morning he wanted to put it on. Well of course who do you think wanted to wear one too?? So I found Tate's old one from the Holiday box and put it on Peyton( I am sure glad I didn't throw it out like I almost did twice.) Any way they went around spinning webs, Peyton was does everything Tate does, such a little shadow. They were wrestling last night right before we put them to bed it  has to be one of the high lights of the week, watching them wrestle like cub bears. Every day they are becoming such close friends and I love it. :)


  1. Brittany,
    I got your blog address from your Mom.
    I love it, it is such a great way to see the kids and up to date on what is happening in your lifes.

    1. It has been fun, I have not told very many people about it cause I think when I write I sound silly and my Punctuation is way off. Any way I am glad you have the address. Love you. :)