Monday, April 2, 2012

Family Night!

Tonight for family night we did Annabell's accountable farm, With the dry pasture and the peaceful pasture.  We read what the cow says and Tate has to decide where the cow goes? Is it a good choice or a bad choice. He was answering all the questions so good and we were so proud of him and toward the end Tex made up a question (some of the questions don't really fit right now at his age) so Tex said " I was sitting in Sacrament meeting and was suppose to be thinking about Jesus but instead I was thinking about Peter Pan, is that a good choice or a bad choice? Tate really had know idea he looked at us and said a good choice? I mean a bad choice? Tex said who should you be thinking about in church during sacrament? Tate said "Peter Pan and Jesus?" We laughed a little and corrected him and he said o yeah yeah Jesus. It is so funny how there little minds work. Little moments like this make me and Tex smile and we feel so blessed to have such great not to mention cute kids.
Also last night when getting ready for bed Tate found his Bat Man watch and asked me to put it on him so I did and when I was finished Peyton held his wrist out and tried to say watch so I went looking for a watch and found and old one I have not put on in years and put it on him it fit perfect, I looked at him and smiled and said Yay you are just like Tate!!! He furled his brows and yanked on the watch to take it off and started crying saying Mat Man.. Mat Man... He wanted a Bat Man watch like his big brother it was so cute I can't remember what we said to distract him but it made us realize that Peyton is at that age now where he wants to do and have everything Tate does. I think it is so cute and I really really hope they become and stay very close friends, they will need each other. Like I always say Love my little Family!!

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