Thursday, March 22, 2012

I am Grateful for so much! :)

O my goodness!! Sense March 13th or so I have been thinking that I was pregnant cause i have been so late with my cycle but today confirmed that I am not. I will have to say I was sad, I was getting excited and think that we will Maybe start trying in the next couple months! That being said I have not been feeling great the last few days and have not taken the boys out much which they need desperately at least twice a day, so around 6:00 I finally mustered up the strength to take them out between the two Parc Central building's and I gave them these huge suckers and it was so fun to sit with them and we played and talked while they licked and licked away  I was  loving  every minute of it. After we walked around the pool and it made the boys want to get in so bad so we ran back up stairs and put there suits on. It was so funny to watch Peyton attempt the big goggles on his face. I seriously just sat in the warm breeze watching them and talking to them wishing I enjoyed them like this every minute of every day.  But i don't and i am going to try so much harder cause they are getting so big so flipping fast!! Again that all being said i felt the spirit very strong after about four this afternoon and feel like that is why I was enjoying them a little more than I normally do and the reason I think that is, is because to day for the first time in like a month I grabbed my scriptures, journal and the Manual I am reading with my scriptures and sat down to as they say Feast on the words. A few months ago when I was studying for my lessons each week, working on personal progress and reading  6 or 7 chapters of the Book of Mormon every day i felt the spirit strong helping me through each day. I guess I really dropped the ball because for the last month I have not made the time I should  to read and study and have felt the absence of the spirit in my life. Not like i am doing or was doing anything awful just when you know what it feels like before and then you stop you feel the difference, I mean it got to a point that I found my self randomly baring my testimony to the girls I was hanging out with at the park or pool ( I think one of them still thinks i am a little crazy.) So today when I made the time I cant express how real and tangible I could feel the spirit  how clear my thoughts became the energy I felt the love I had for life the piercing in my heart that testified how true this church is and how grateful I am that I know of the Truthfulness of this Gospel. I Know this is the only true church on the earth today and I believe Joseph Smith really did see both the Father and the Son. He went through so much to bring us the Book of Mormon and to restore the church to the earth I am so Grateful for his sacrifice and love this Church so much. I love my little Family my boys and my Husband so so much I am so not even close to perfect and all three of my boys are so patient with me and am forever in debt to my Father in Heaven for the blessings he has given me and for all of his Tender mercies.
 - Just a little side note as you can see Tate is so into Peter Pan right now and Tex said to me tonight he hopes he grows out of it soon because of those tights :)!!! I was laughing Tex is super funny about that sorta thing.

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