Friday, March 9, 2012

Today I turned 28 years old!! I can't believe it. Today has been such a fun day Tex let me and my friend sierra go get a pedicure, lay out at the pool and then this evening we had some friends and are neighbor over for some dinner and cupcakes. We had Chicken Creole and yummy chocolate cupcakes with vanilla bean icing. The best Birthday Present came when every one left. We were suppose to speak in church on Sunday which is in two days. But we got a call from the secretary saying that the new bishopric that was just called is going to speak. Yay!!! :) That means we get to breath a little easier this weekend and enjoy are 6 year anniversary that is tomorrow. We have had a lot going on the past little bit Tex in finals( and he did so great!! all A's and i think 1 B) Me and the boys have been sick for like a month with sinus crap the little boys still have junk coming out there noses. I am getting ready for girls camp that is coming up this Monday. It has been hectic so it will be nice to not have to speak. :) Loving Peyton's hair i know i am going to cry when we cut it off. I don't even care that everyone thinks he looks like a little girl I love those curls!! Well I feel so bad that it has been like 3 weeks sense i have posted or written anything but life has been busy. I am very Excited for the end of April when my Mom and sister come out to watch my boys when we go on are Cruz. I am excited to see them and to get away. I guess that is really all. I need to put a pic of Tate in his peter pan costume that grandma sent he loves it and he is so into right now that is all he watches he goes through a different phase every few months, last month it was Mulan and now it is Peter Pan. Love it!!

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