Sunday, March 18, 2012

Family Pictures!!!

Last Saturday, March 10 2012 We took Family Pictures at the Sunny Isles Beach. There is a young couple that moved into are ward about a year ago he is doing the masters program to help him get into Dental School( well i guess it did help cause he got into the Utah Dental school) any way they are the coolest nicest couple and very talented with there camera so they took some pictures for us and i loved loved them. They captured are family so perfectly  !! There is a picture of me and Peyton that is a duplicate but it is cool what she did with the lighting i think. Any way just love my little family so much and my sweet husband with his unfailing patience with me, I'm not sure what i would do with out him. :) I let my boys try my Patience but i need to enjoy them more i love them both to pieces.

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  1. Brittany, I just have to say that these pictures are so beautiful!! It makes me miss you guys so much! ;) You look so happy and beautiful. Miami is doing you guys good! :) love ya!