Thursday, March 15, 2012

Peter Pan and Planking

Just got back from Young Womens Camp. This Year the theme for are ward was B.O.O.T Camp... Build Our Own Testimony. Me and Brittany Andersen were the leaders up there the first 2 days and we had us some Fun!! We got to know those cute girls and learned to love them so much. :) Not to mention all the fun we had. I Totally re connected with my inner 16 year old self. Dancing, Singing the camp songs learning all the new "cool" Stuff ( I really am getting old) Like Planking i guess is really in right now laying flat on your belly with your hands to your side looking straight down and taking a picture of it, plank on anything. We learned the cool new Bands are One Direction and Mindless Behavior and Horse mating witch is the funniest name ever, But it is when its some ones head and a different persons body. We did them all and had the time of are lives doing it. We camped in the Everglades so we camped right next to a huge lake that had some smaller alligators, we saw two pretty big black snakes, an Owl , we heard the wild Pigs or hogs what ever was snorting in the woods and of course the Racoons that got into are food. We ate like Crap tons of treats and S'mores and they served lots of Carbs. We were sad we had to leave and the next day after being home Britt and i talked and wanted to go back up to be with the  girls, it wasn't in the cards but we totally wanted to. Kinda Funny Jen Isom got there about 6 that night we hung around for the rest of the night and right before we left around 11 or so one of the girls asked Jen if she was going to be as cool as the Brittany's?? I love Jen and i am sure she had a blast with them just like Britt and  I did but it was nice to know that they thought we were cool leaders. Cause we did are fair share of getting after the girls for modesty or complaining to much or getting them out of the cabin witch was a lot of work at times so I am sure glad we were a good influence on the girls, they need it. :) With out going on and on we had a good time i missed my little boy and Tex but we had a good time. I love working in Young Women's and hope to keep learning and growing in the calling.

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