Sunday, May 13, 2012

Part 2

Part 2 of our AWESOME week. I forgot we had a Young Women's Sleep over at the Young Women President's house for the girls in are ward so I was there Friday night while Tex hung out with the boys. It was a good time and  the girls loved it. We had pizza and treats and the they loved the pool. Love those young women to death. Saturday we got up and went to the temple it was a way better trip then the last time we went but traveling with little ones is really not a whole bunch of fun. :) The Temple is so beautiful and even though it was so hot outside we had such a good time walking the Temple grounds looking for treasure and building fake fires with are sticks and leaves. We got home late but it was worth it I think. It was so peaceful just being on the grounds feels like Home. I know this Church is true and I am grateful to know of the truthfulness of it. Today is Mothers day and I guess in celebration of it I obviously think of my Mother and how wonderful she is. She taught me so many things that I will be ever in her debt for. I love her so much and feel blessed I was sent to her. Also feeling grateful that I am a Mom it is sure hard work but my boys mean the world to me, they have made me a better person for the qualities I have and am trying to develop being there mother. They make life so interesting and that makes for better days instead of really boring ones. Tex goes back to school tomorrow and that means long days and even longer because he is studying for boards but its going to be worth it and I really only have three weeks before I go home for a few weeks. So I can totally do it. I am going to miss this week it really was Heaven I feel truly blessed to have what I have. :)

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