Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

 Christmas Eve on the beach! Lots of fun and good food. It has been a tradition sense we moved here and we really love it. This year was a little different. The beach was super crowded and we had to leave early to take some friends to the air port so we got there ate hung out  on the beach for 20 min and then we had to leave, it was still lots of fun, we had not been to the beach in a few months so my boys really loved it.

 Christmas Eve the boys got to open a present from Mom and Dad that was new pajamas and a Christmas movie. We skyped Grandma and Grandpa and then we watched our Christmas movie -Aurthur Christmas- ( such a cute movie!!!), and had popcorn. After we wrote Santa a letter and the kids went to bed Me, Tex and Karine watched Bat Man the dark night rises. I tried really hard to have everything ready so we could just relax and we did.

 Santa came to Florida around 1:30 am and the boys woke us up at about 7:00 am.  I think it goes with out saying we were really tired.

 I am learning in my older years how much more fun it is to give then receive. Watching my sweet kids open there gifts and seeing the looks on there faces is the best thing in the whole world! This year Santa was spot on with all the gifts. Re mote control cars, walkie talkies', pocket knife and action figure bat man. Grandma and Grandpa Orullian sent so many awesome gifts as well. Nerf guns that the boys can't put down, Hulk action figures and Thor hammers. We had scones for breakfast, watched movies, took naps and later we walked out to the pool and played spies. Dinner turned out pretty good. There were only a few things that we would improve for the next year. The turkey was a little dry, we forgot the rolls, and even though Christmas is not about presents there might be a few more things for the boys to open. All in all this Christmas was a success and we are so blessed. Next year we will be in Utah and I for one am really Excited.

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  1. Christmas on a beach just seem crazy to me. Love the orange pjs.