Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Greynolds park and The Horse races

 Our time together after Christmas has been so much fun! The day after Christmas we went to Greynolds park for the afternoon with all the things the boys got from Santa, The walkie talkie's, compass and Binoculars from Grandpa and Grandma. We spied for things, hid and scared each other, played at the play ground and found some of the most beautiful paths to explore.

       This was one of the most relaxing days, I would love to have this as my backyard!
 (Dec 28th 2012) we went to the gulf stream and watched the horse races, Peyton was jumped off some high ledge and face planted it, we walked around and looked in the shops and then went home and took after noon naps, another awesome day!

 Latter we walked over to the mall and let the boys play in the play area and before we left we got some tuti fruti (frozen yogurt) My most favorite place to get ice cream. We have had so much every day. I think this happens every time there is a break and we have a ton of time with Tex, we dread him going back. We only have like 6 months before a change so we are going to do are best to hang in there. :)

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