Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New years eve 2012

 The Starley's were nice enough to have us over for New Years Eve and of course we had a great time. Great friends lots of really yummy food and  just hanging out. The guys kinda were in one area chatting and the girls on the other side chatting and the kids played in the back rooms. We had cleaned all morning and afternoon taking down Christmas and getting our apartment back in good shape so it was relaxing to be with friends. That night when we got home we made Peyton's crib into a big boy bed, he could get in and out just fine with out us moving it around, he would use a stool and climb in but I figured it was time. It is so funny that it kinda made me sad, I felt a weird kind of loss when we took it apart and made it a big boy bed. I love to see them grow but I miss them being baby's. I wish I could get pregnant to feel that baby void. :(  I am trying to be patient and remember the lord has a plan for me. I am super excited for a new year and want to be better this year then the last. Here is to 2013!!

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