Thursday, December 27, 2012

More fun before Christmas

 Tate got really bad misquotes bites when we were at the Miami Seaquarium, He was a wake so much of the next night itching his legs. Poor thing his little legs looked so sore.

 Criddle continued his regular mischief with zip lines and colored milk, play dough and toilet papering the tree. We went to bass pro shop to sit with Santa, Tate found a few guns that he loved and walked around the whole store shooting at the stuffed animals they had out. It made Tex want guns so bad. :)

 The Snow flakes that Criddle made and hung in the boys room were seriously my favorite. There room looked so cool!

 We went to the gulf stream again, this time with Tex and watched the Christmas tree light show. I felt like I got a special surprise because for a few days it was actually cold out side one morning it was 48 degrees. So the boys got to wear there sweaters that I love from Gap. They looked so handsome!

 December 23 we went to Erick and Jamie Starley's for a little Christmas party. Every one brought a soup to share and and small gift to do a white elephant exchange. It's nice to have good friends when you are so far away from family. ( Karine, Elizabeth & Dillan Burton, Jen & Ryan Isom and The Erick and Jamie Starley.) The Bishop and his wife had already left but they were there.

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