Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Family Vacation to Texas. (Nov 17th- 26th)

 Our trip to Texas. Was fun from start to finish, we left Saturday afternoon and got there Sunday evening around 5:30. We stopped at Chucky Cheese Saturday evening to let the boys stretch their legs and to eat of course. I took Peyton around and Tex had Tate. We all had a good time. Peyton kept asking for more coins to play more games and to ride this little car with the mouse. We got to our hotel around 11:30 pm. I have to say the boys did amazing for all the driving we had to do to get to Texas. Peyton slept with me that first night at the hotel, Tex tried taking a picture of us in bed but the flash was so bright we could not look at the camera we just laughed and laughed! On are Sunday morning drive we saw the cool cotton fields and it was a nice quick break to run up the side of the road and take a few pictures and then we were off again. Like I said we got there Sunday evening, had dinner with there family and looked at all the animal ( 5 horses, 5 dogs, 4 birds,2 bearded dragons, 3 chin chillas, 1 hedge hog, 3 cats and way to many chickens to count) . The boys were so tired so we went to bed and Tate was up at 5:30 am the next morning to start his week. He came in our room and said " Dad I think I see the sun coming up can we get dressed and go outside?" That first morning Tex helped clip the horses hooves, He sure got a work out in cause by the looks of it it was hard work. We rode horses and the boys played so hard I don't even know where to start with all they did. The rope swing, the zip line, the horses(especially Toby dope), the chickens, the woods, the tree house. I mean very literally we didn't see the boys all week there cousins took such good care of them and they just played. They took great naps and slept great every night. One night after putting Peyton in bed I was trying to organize the room we were staying in and Peyton said "Mom turn off the light" He was ready for bed. :) We went to Claiborne park. Tex grew up going to that park so that was fun to be apart of some of his past. We took walks in there neighborhood. Michael & Beverly and Tex& I went on a date that was so much fun. We left around 4:00 and went to dinner, headed for the movies and saw Breaking dawn 2 ( Yay I got to see it again and with my husband) Beverly had not seen it and wanted too, Michael was sweet enough to want to take her to it) and then went to marble slab for Ice cream after the movie. The yummiest ice cream ever. The boys didn't even know we were gone. It was a nice break and good time for me and Tex to be together. Thanksgiving was very Nice. Lots of work though! We cooked and baked all the way tell 3:00 pm when we ate and then cleaned it up most of the evening. But it was fun to be with  family and to hang out with Beverly! We played night games after our food settled. I loved playing night games! A few of the nights we did a fire and played hide in seek in the dark. Friday Morning Tex and I went to the Houston Temple. I look a little greasy, O well. It was such a pretty drive and again more time Tex and I had together that was really nice. O and the temple was so beautiful! That afternoon we went on another horse ride and I think I was finally getting it down and I had a blast. Saturday we played out side with the dogs and started early building our fire for that night. (well I should not say "we" cause I didn't do that much helping I hung out with Peyton but we watched) We roasted hot dogs and had s'mores, it was a very relaxing evening.  Sunday morning we went to church, it was fun because it was the ward Tex grew up in so I met lots of people he knew as a kid. Right before we left when we  were eating, Sissy started yelling Uncle B!!! Uncle B!!!! We walked out side and Peyton had fallen in the sewage hole and was black and walking toward us crying and gagging. After bathing him and packing the car we said are sad good byes,we left in the late afternoon. We stopped that night at cracker barrel to eat and run with the boys. Made it to the hotel late that night and finished are drive the next day. We stopped at a rest area Monday afternoon and played wolf ( a game we played at night while we were there). We got home about 7:30 that evening. The next few days were hard cause we knew what it was like to have land and space instead of our little apartment but we got back into it and are Excited for Christmas!

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