Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Pictures

 Christmas Pictures on the beach! Sense we have moved here Tex has said how cool it would be to send out Christmas cards with a Christmas tree on the beach and we did it. It was hot and we had just  the night before got back from Texas, the boys were having a really hard time listening but they turned out pretty cute. I don't love myself in them very much but o well you can't always look good right? My sweet boys looked so cute including my oldest son (Tex) :) I Love my little family so much. Especially this time of year you realize how much family means and I have been greatly blessed. I wish I was pregnant to add to this little family but for what ever reason the lord is seeing it a different way so I am learning to be patient. It is not one of my strongest qualities so I am sure that is why I am being tried with something like this that really depends on the lords timing. Tex has been really busy with finals and the hospital so it has just been me and the the little boys, we have had lots of fun making D I Y Christmas Ornaments and other Christmas crafts. I love this time of year and I really can't wait tell I have a home of my own and a little more money cause I could really have some fun at Christmas time. :)

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