Saturday, December 15, 2012

I love December

 Sense we have been back from Texas I have been having so much fun with the Christmas season. We put up the Christmas tree and I think I had more fun then boys and they were having a blast. Every Year they put the hat and stockings on and I love it just love it. My Mom and Dad sent a few presents that the boys could open to enjoy during December, one of those was the book Frosty the snow man with there voices recorded reading it and they listen to it all the time. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for such fun presents. Normally there is a little train that the boys can ride on at the mall that we have done in the past but they didn't put it up this year, instead they did this cool display of all these little trains and shops etc. Very cool! We have made cool  DIY Christmas ornaments. The Cinnamon ones were a lot of fun cause the apartment smelt so good. 2 cups of Cinnamon 2 cups apple sauce 2 TB nutmeg 2 TB ground cloves and 2 TB white glue and make it into a dough and then use cookie cutter to cut out the ornaments we put them in the oven for like 3 hours at 200 degrees and then used modge podge and glitter to decorate them. They other ones were clear plastic round ornaments we got at  Walmart for 95 cents and we put paint in them and shook them up and they looked awesome! When Tex came home he saw them and said why did we spend more money on Christmas ornaments the ones on the tree are fine? Me and Tate were like dad we made these! He thought they looked so pro. We have been to gulf stream with the young women to see the lights, we are going to go back with Tex but the young women loved it. Of course Criddle came and we have loved having him with us for the month of December. I think the things he does are pretty self explanatory. I think I love Criddle just as much as the boys do. Tex took his last final on Thursday so we are excited to spend a little more time with him.Today  We went to the Seaquarium with our friends Matt and Jen Davis, it was lots of fun, it rained a little and we got soaked in one the dolphin shows. When we got home we all just relaxed, me and Peyton walked over to the mall to look for a little Christmas present for Tex and it was so fun to be with Peyton. He was so good and stayed right with me. I love these little boys. :) We still have some fun a head of us but I have to say how Grateful I am for all I have. My  little boys are so wonderful. Last night when I was getting the boys ready for bed Peyton asked if we would tell them a story and we told him no cause it was so late, so I told him to ask his Big brother to tell him a story. Tate said he was too tired but a minute latter he said " Well I guess I have enough air in me I can tell him a story" When I left the room I could here him start a story to Peyton. So dang cute, and these are mine, my little boys!! After I read scriptures before I left the room I was giving Tate a kiss goodnight and telling him I was so tired that I was going to get ready for bed. I told him to come get me  when he found Criddle in the morning.  Tate said "do you promise you will get right up and come look?" I said " O man I will try I am so bad at that hu Tate? I am always so tired in the morning" "give me just a little longer and I will get up" Tate starting laughing and shaking his head so I asked him how do you do it Tate? Why are you not tired in the morning and he thought for a minute and then said "well my brain holds my eyes up." I mean seriously is that not the cutest thing any 4 year old has said? Any way I am so grateful for my sons my husband and his hard work at school. We are almost done and we could not be more excited. I am excited for a new year.

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