Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Enchanted Forest

 This morning we promised the boys we would take them to the Enchanted Forest right after breakfast. I was slow getting going and thought about staying home with Paisley while Tex went with the boys but decided that are time together is limited and went with them. I am so glad I decided to go! We always have a great time, I am embarrassed to say that growing up I was not up for much exploring in the woods, all except for when I was at Grandma & Grandpa Southams house, playing in the tree house and maybe helping out down at the crick. My husband on the other hand that is all he did, so he is trying to teach me its fun to tromp around in the woods where the spiders and snakes live. Yikes!! We walked on the most beautiful trails, the boys rode their scooters all while feeling the sun beat down on my neck and the cool breeze that doesn't happen very often in Florida. Its in these times that threw all my insecurities and many things to work on I feel my saviors love for me.

 We aslo happened upon this little guy walking across one of the little pathways. I don't think I have ever been this close to a live turtle before, maybe I have and I just don't remember it but I felt like a little kid. Of course my boys thought it was the best thing ever, in fact the rest of the day randomly little Peyton would say that was fun seeing the turtle today huh mom? I love these precious memories we make as a family.

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