Friday, August 19, 2016

Summer 2016

 Youth Conference was June 16,17 and 18th. My awesome husband painted this for me on the butcher paper I got. It was a star wars themed dance and I thought he did an amazing job! I am so lucky to have him and so lucky he is always so willing to help me out with things like this.


Youth Conference 2016
 June 22nd- We went to the beach with Anne and her family. Julius her husband was here for 10 days so it was really fun to get to know him and play at the beach. These  cute girls had fun playing in the sand and being sand mermaids.

Sand Mermaids

 They found lots of crazy fun sea creatures. We got lots of sun that day and every one slept really good that night.

 June 25th-  We went to the canal again. The boys absolutely love this place, they ask to go all the time. It's hard cause Paisley can't really do anything while we are there. It's a beautiful spot and even though its a little scary to watch them jump off, its kinda cool too.
June 27th-  Little Paisley does what ever she can to keep up with her brothers, my mom would die seeing Paisley with no clothes on, I really have been a lot better about keeping clothes on her. I do need to teach her modesty. I love these pictures of her with smudges of dirt on her face and her beautiful blonde curls framing her face. She is a very spirited little girl but I'm telling you life would be dull with out her!

Just one of the boys :)!
 July 4th-  Tex was at Scout camp this whole week so we wen to a ward members house to eat and watch the fireworks. They had a tree house with a hammock, me and Paisley climbed to the top twice and swung in it.

 They had a tramp that the boys went crazy on and they even had this  pool, they didn't have swim suits so they jumped with their shorts on.

 June 27th-  Anne left this at our house a few months ago and we have been playing with it. It's kinda broken but they still have a blast pushing each other on it.

 July 13th-  Another great picture of Paisley wearing what she wants to wear. Swim top, no bottoms and boots that are totally worn out. I love this girl!
 July16th- They discovered the " sliding down the stairs with the mattress" these two did this for like an hour, listening to Paisley laugh all the way down was pretty priceless!
 July 21st- While I was getting ready one morning, putting on my garments and then my bra, Paisley was watching every move and wanted to do everything I was doing. I figured that instead of my actual under clothing I would use my slip and old bra. She loved it and felt like a big girl.
My little mini me.
 July 22nd-  I took the kids to the Miami Zoo. It was super hot but we had a really good time. We looked at a bunch of cool animals and played in the splash area. We were super worn out by the time we left.

              Anne met up with us half way through! I'm so glad we became friends.

July 23rd- Brother Killpack from our ward who lives in the Keys took some family pictures of our family. I was so thankful cause it had been a year and Paisley has changed a lot. It was stinkin hot outside and both my boys hated every second of it. At one point Tate even asked me " Who came up with this idea to do family pictures?" He will thank me later (I hope.)

Family pictures 2016!

 August 1st-  We had a family movie night! Peyton rarely makes it through a whole movie before falling asleep. We watched Eddie the Eagle, it was fantastic! I love being with my family.
Family movie night!
 August 12th- We went back to the canal and the boys have gotten even braver. Where Tate is hanging is at least 30 feet. We hung out for a while with the other 16 Spanish kids that were there. They thought our boys were so brave. You can't see in the last picture how many kids were their but really it was 16 other teenagers.

Little dare devil!
Our little princess!
August 13th-   I haven't posted very many pictures of us at the pool, but we have for sure spent lots of time there this summer. Paisley is even getting pretty good and swimming on her own. She need one of us in the water to catch her but she is doing awesome.

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