Friday, July 8, 2016

Slider the turtle, lots of sickness, offically a third year resident and Peyton's birthday.

 Our turtle Slider! He is so little and so cute, the poor thing has been our first pet and he deserves a special place in heaven for being our first.

 June 8th- For like 2 weeks we were all sick with ear infections and strep and sinus infections. It was pretty awful! This picture of Peyton laying in the insta care makes me so sad every time I see it. He was in so much pain and I felt so helpless.
 June 10th-  This is such a great picture of Paisley, it so is her! She likes to pick her own outfits and as much as I hate it I actually love it!

 June 11th- Tex and I got to go out and have an amazing time, Tex has officially started his third year of residency. It was a very fun evening and the food was amazing. So proud of this husband of mine.

 June 15th- Peyton turned 6 years old. Me and Tex were pretty sick, couldn't breath at all but I think the kids had a great time at Chilies. They love playing with tablet that they leave on the tables.

 Peyton picked these converse shoes out all him self! He was so excite to wear them.

 What would a birthday be with out cake and ice cream? He picked his cake out at the store and told any one who would listen that it was his birthday. My parents sent him $ 20 to put in his new wallet we got him. All in all it was a fun and successful birthday.

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  1. I always wanted a turtle. Cute little thing. Glad you are all feeling better.