Monday, August 22, 2016

First day of School

 First day back to school! Tate is in 2nd grade and Peyton is in 1st. Tate was super excited this morning and seemed to have had a really good day. Peyton didn't jump out of bed like Tate did but I know there was never a time in my life that I was excited like Tate to go to school so I totally understand Peyton :). Peyton was quite when I picked him up but said it was a pretty good day so I have high hopes for this school year. Me and Paisley ate breakfast, cleaned up and then walked around Hobby Lobby for a while, me wishing I could spend a whole bunch of money and Paisley finding things that she could put on the floor and then run into like she was a bowling ball.

 Tate walked to class but I had a bag full of supplies I needed to give his teacher so I dropped off Peyton and then walked to Tate class room to drop his stuff off. When I was done I walked back down stairs to see how Peyton was doing, I wish I could sit with him the first few days of school. Love me little boys so much my heart could burst.
Pick up line!
 Tex is in North Carolina interviewing with a bunch of Doctors, he left yesterday morning and will be back September 2nd.We finish residency June 2017 and we're eager to start making a little more money to pay back all those who have helped us on this journey. He is one super handsome husband.

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