Monday, February 3, 2014

January has come and gone!

 January went by so fast! It was full of fussy time with Paisley, a few times at the wAIR house trampoline place that the boys loved! Tex had interviews in Texas and did well. We find out March 20th if we match and were we go for residency. We said goodby to friends, we went sledding with Uncle Blake and Aunt Faye- Dawn in Heber at soldier hollow. It was freezing cold but we had the best time. Then End of January was bitter sweet, we left to go back to Florida January 27th and stopped in Orange Texas to spend time with Tex's brother Michael and his family and just like last November it was SO fun. Peyton told us every night around 8:30 he was tired and if we didn't put him to sleep he would take him self. We couldn't find him one night, he was not out playing with the other kids we started looking around the house and found him curled up on his bed sleeping. Being out in the woods is so good for kids and I am convinced that living where you can have land or at least a big yard is the way to go. We are leaving tomorrow to make the last 2 days of our Journey to Florida, I miss my family and the fun things that Utah offered but am excited for the beach and seeing friends that I missed in what I now consider home ( Florida). I am also nervous and excited for the next change, where are we going for residency?

 Our friends that we met in Florida that are now living in Utah. Mark and Laura Evans and there kids Kaymden and Chloe.

           Clint and Teresa Larsen! They are so fun and we really are going to miss them.

 Saying goodby to my best friend Miche Barbosa and there family. Lee, Miley and Lucas, are kids get along so good. We hung out with them the Friday before we left and the kids played for 3 hours not fighting or fits just  sounds of giggles and fun from the bed rooms.

                                                     Uncle Michael
                                                           Cousin sissy.

                                                                   Aunt Beverly.

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