Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Our first week in Florida has been a little crazy!

 We arrived in Miami on Tuesday February 4th around 830 and it has been  crazy ever since. We were going to rent an apartment from a man named Allen Call in the Avilla Condominiums. I got really sick Monday morning when we left Texas, I had really bad fever and my whole body ached so bad so when we got there I stayed out side with the boys and Tex went up stairs to look at the place, get the keys and all that good stuff. When Tex came down to get me he warned me that it was really nasty but tried to be positive, so I tried to be positive. When I looked around I wanted to cry! I was so sick, Paisley had been crying for hours before we got there, everyone was hungry and then looking at this place thinking I had to make it home was going to break me. I wanted to be strong for my family but after getting food for our kids and putting them to bed Tex and I decided to cancel the payment that we had transferred from our account to his, before going to bed Tex said a prayer that I will never forget! We both new how bad we needed the lords help. The next morning we were back at ground zero. We told Allen we could not live their and that we had canceled the payment. Tex went to the office of the Avila condominiums they ladies showed him a two bed room apartment that was $500 cheaper than the place that Allen was going to rent to us and it was month to month. It was really gross, it needed A LOT  of cleaning but it was totally empty so we could bring our stuff in. We are almost done but in the process of cleaning it Allen deiced to text Tex and tell him he was going to sue us. It has been 3 days and nothing has happened so we think and hope he was just trying to scare us. We found out from the cops that Tex called when he met with Allen about a week ago hoping that he was going to give us some of our 500 hundred deposit back but instead gave Tex a receipt that said we had returned the keys to him. Tex was upset and reached for the keys that were in Allen's front shirt pocket and Allen started yelling Assault!!! When Tex reported the disturbance to the cops before he had even said Allen's name the cop said wait is this mans name Allen Call? He proceeded  to tell Tex that they receive multiple calls on him a day almost every day. He is a crook!!! 
 Our Friend Amy Simmons live in walking distance to our condos and invited us to swim and it was much needed so we went to swim and then thankfully Dustin and Jenessa Millward let us stay with them for three days while we cleaned enough to make our new apartment liveable.

 These are our before photos and will put the afters  when we are all the way done.

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