Friday, January 31, 2014

Paisley's blessing ( Sunday Janruary 26th 2014)

 Paisley was blessed last Sunday one day short of 8 weeks old. Tex gave a beautiful blessing and we had almost all of our family come over for lunch after church. It is always a little crazy but so fun as well. Some of my Aunts and Uncles from my dads side came and some of Tex's brothers and sisters with their kids came, along with my two brothers and there spouses. My best friend Miche Barbosa and her family came, my mom and dad helped a ton to make it a very special day. We had good food and everyone got a chance to hold sweet Paisley. She is a very fussy baby so it was amazing that she was so good  that whole day, my dad even got a really good smile from her. We left the next day for Florida so Tex could finish his last semester of school. He graduates April 26th 2014 and we are so excited!

 Our family of four has grown by one and even though she is giving us a run for our money we seriously could not imagine life with out her.
                                          Selfies by Uncle Jacob.

 During this wonderful day we had with Paisley I started to think... What do I know about her so far?
 1. She is way way fussier then the boys were! I am not sure if she has something bothering her because I am trying everything under the sun and she is still not so happy. I remember Tate and Peyton would sit in a swing and look around and be as happy as a clam,this little girl not a chance.
2. Right now her eyes are a beautiful dark blue that compliments her fair skin and small amounts of blonde hair.
3. 95% of the time her eyes seem really intense like she is trying really hard to like this crazy world.
4. She rarely wraps her hand around your finger. Tate use to hold on tight to my finger when he drank his bottle, she is fine not too.
5. She wiggles and moves as much as she did when I was pregnant with her. I remember so vividly always being able to feel her move around, at night some times I could not fall asleep cause she was doing a dance or jumping jacks, and she still wiggles all the time.
6. I some times call her my little lizard because she is always sticking her tongue out.
 I hope beyond all hope that we are good friends, I know I have to be a mother to her but I want to be able to do that along with being good friends. It is amazing to me how your love can grow so much. I became so used to just the boys that I had a quick thought a few months before she was born, will I love her as much as I do the boys?  The answer is YES!!

 This day was wonderful and it was a perfect goodby to all our family that we probably wont see for some time. After Graduation we start residency in July, so it may a year or more before we see some of our family members. I am so grateful for the Gospel and that family's can be together forever! I don't know what I would do with out each and every one of them!

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