Tuesday, February 28, 2017

December 2016

    December 11th-  We made home made wrapping paper for the gifts we were sending to family.

    December 13th-  The boys had their holiday shows. I was only able to go for a little while and I missed both of their performances. Tex got some great pictures of them dancing. They both did great and had a ton of fun!

December 15th- We went to Bass Pro Shops to take pictures with Santa. It is something we have done sense we moved to Florida and its been a fun family tradition. It's always so cool to see how much they grow from year to year.


Peyton wore a (Home made shirt) he drew, colored and cut out a snow man and pasted it on his shirt.
I really didn't want Peyton to wear this but in the end Tex helped me let go of this one. If he was happy, Why not?

The Elf Criddle came like he does every year and had a few fun things up his sleeve. It is always fun to see what he will do each morning.                                                       

December 23rd-  We went to see the movie Moana as a family! We all loved it so much, even Paisley did so good during it. The boys had school all the way up until Friday the 23rd. It was a fun way to kick off the holiday break.

 December 24th (Christmas Eve)-  We had The summers and the Solomons over. We had pizza and snacks for dinner, later we decorated sugar cookies and played games. It was a super fun night.

Santa had just arrived (Christmas Eve 2016)
 December 25th- We had sacrament meeting Sunday morning. Paisley started throwing up the night before and slept in my arms all of sacrament.

Opening presents after church!
Pokemon, Clothes from family, legos and each of them got a bike. We had dinner at the Summers. It's always fun to be with them. Paisley was in and out of it. Sometimes I thought she was totally fine but then ended up sitting in my arms a lot of the day. little did we know It was the beginning of a rough month a head of us.

 (Above) December 29th 2016- After Paisley then it was Peyton and then Tate got really sick with the stomach bug. Tate had it the worst. He was up all night throwing up and finally decided to just sleep in the bathroom next to the toilet. It was the saddest thing to see him this sick. Every time I would help him clean up, he was said Thank you so much mom!
 New Years Eve 2016-  Our friends Amy and Adam Simmons came to stay with us and we were invited to spend the evening at Matt and Jen Davis's house. They had a party last year that we went to. This year it was a lot the same but still very fun, I was not feeling very good but we had a great time and it was wonderful to hang out with Amy and Adam.

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