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The last few months of 2016

 October 31st- November 7th 2016-  My Mom and Dad came and stayed with our kids while Tex and I went to  North Carolina. He had a 2 day exam to take and then we made appointments to meet with the three practices we were most interested in. We had dinner plans with each of them the days he wasn't in the exam.  My parents did an amazing job with the crazy schedule we have. They had soccer practice, homework, dinner, playing with Paisley. My mom made dinner every night. Paisley had a hard time adjusting. Tate slept with her the first few nights and then she ended up sleeping with him the rest of the week.
We got to Greensboro around 7:00 pm on the 31st of October. There was a little cafe that we ate at.

Out side our hotel.

Tex on his first exam day :).

 Tex and I had an amazing time exploring Greensboro. We met with rel-estate agents and looked at the best neighborhoods, I toured 3 of the elementary schools and we found some beautiful lakes that we walked around and dreamed of the future. Friday we walked downtown Greensboro and it was so fun! It was big enough but still small town feel as well. The trees were gorgeous, at times when I was driving around I felt like I was in a movie. The  fall leaves falling of the trees and the crisp air blowing in my face. I seriously loved it there so much!

 While we were there Dr. Regal gave us a night in this super fancy hotel called the O Henery! It's $300 a night to stay in one of the rooms. It was awesome to spend time with my husband, goofing around and being in his world for a little while.

 Paisley had a blast playing with Grandma and Grandpa. They had Tea Parties, they bought her a doll and then Grandma made her doll a blanket. They made necklaces with the big beads they got her and they watched tons of Mia on Netflix. The boys introduced Grandma and Grandpa to Pokemon. By the time the 7th came I was very ready to be home and see my kids. I'm pretty sure that my parents were glad to have us home too :). It was a week that I will remember for  years to come. I'm thankful my parents were willing and able to come be with the kids so I could be with my Tex.

November 16th 2016- 
   was our Young Women in Excellence, It was Alice in Wonderland/ Tea party themed. It was A LOT of work but it turned out really pretty an I think the those Young Women who came had a good time. It was a great experience to put plan and for YWIE but I was glad when it was over and learned a lot during the process. One thing was to make sure the girls are more involved. I did way to much and not very many showed up, I think that if they help plan it they are more likely to come and see there hard work.

Natalie Molinero

                     Tex made this great frame for me so that the girls could take pictures.
Azyln Solomon, Me, Rubi Molinero, Sheryl Latty

Kaylin Knudsen, Lauryn Latty, Aria Farnsworth, Alyssa Snyder

 Sister Azyln Solomon made this awesome sign that was inspired from the movie. It turned out so cute.

 November 17th 2016-  Tate was on Honor roll again! So proud of this boy, this is his friend Blake Oliver his mom Anne is a good friend of mine. Tate does so well in school, he always comes home and gets his home work done and wants to excel in school.
 November 24th 2016- Thanksgiving was spent at our  friends the Summers house. She had a beautiful table, the Killpacks came, along with a few others that they invited. It was a relaxing day, lots of yummy food and being with friends was wonderful.

Kristie  Summers, Me and Stacy Killpack.

 November 25th-  We went to Lowes to get our Christmas tree this year, they are a good price and they are super pretty trees. I LOVE the smell of live Christmas trees! It's one of the smells that instantly takes me to a HAPPY place! The kids had lots of fun hiding and jumping through them too, (I don't think they really should have been ) but I was having so much fun and we were like the only ones there, so I just went with it. Good times were had by all :)!

 December 1st- 3rd 2016- One of the gifts that my parents gave our family were tickets to go back to Mickeys Very Merry Christmas.

 Every ones camp site was all decked out in decorations, we walked around our first night and saw some of the camp sites. Paisley loved the laser lights.

 On December 2nd -(Paisleys birthday) We went into Magic Kingdom.

 We enjoyed all the rides, free cookies and hot chocolate. they even had snow cones as well in some places. Paisley was able to ride some of the rides, like Aladdin's magic carpets. Like last time the boys loved spaced mountain.



 It was crazy to run into my friend Tori Boggess. She was my Young Women leader when I was a youth. It was so crazy to be standing together and trying to figure out what ride we were going to do next, I see her sitting with one of her boys. I haven't seen her in at least 7 years. It was so fun to run into her and see how she was doing.

The Tea cups were another favorite of the kids.

  We were coming off the space mountain ride when the fire works started, it was the perfect spot to be in.

           Around 10:00 when the parade started both Peyton and Paisley fell asleep.


Our last day, we spent riding bikes, playing in the parks at camp, swimming and playing in the arcades ( Tate really wanted to play in the arcades.) . It was really cold so we bundled up that night and watched the Muppet Christmas carol under the stars after the meet and greet with Chip and Dale. All three days were filled with fun memories, it was the perfect start to the holidays! We are so thankful for this great gift.

Meeting Chip and Dale. It was fun to sit all bundled up watching Muppet's Christmas!

The pool.

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