Thursday, March 10, 2016

Better late than never!

 I am going to finally finish up last year so I can move on to this year sense it is March. Christmas was very fun, not just because we got to go to Disney but we worked really hard to make sure our kids got stuff they would like and use. They are both very passionate about Soccer, maybe Tate a little more but still both love it so... a Soccer jersey seemed fitting, a new soccer ball for Tate, books, art stuff for Peyton because he is truly amazing with paper and crayons. Paisley got a doll and little motorized car that she loves very much. Dad got a new watch and I got a beautiful charm for my Pandora bracelet that reminds me of the fun we had at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas. We had lots of sick kids during the holidays it was strep throat for most everyone but me. Christmas Eve was one I will always remember and love. It was quite and clean, Peyton did Christmas crafts with me all morning while Paisley slept, Tate played out side with his friends and Tex did some last minute shopping for us. We had a delicious meal with a very festive table of red and white. Tex made chocolate chip cookies for Santa with the boys while I watched Sofia the first holding my sick baby girl. There was something so simple and magical about it. It gives me goose bumps just thinking of it.

 New Years Eve I sure didn't take enough pictures. We started at some friends house in Miami (Matt and Jen Davis) We met them while living in Aventura. She had a party with all the others that we knew when we lived up north and so we got to see  Tiffany and Rob Marriott, Jen and Ryan Isom cam to visit from Utah, The Finlinsons, a few new people we didn't know but they had yummy food games, sparklers, a big back yard with Christmas lights that lit it up. We had such a good time. late that night around 10:00 pm Dr. Carbonell was lighting fireworks for his son and his son's friends so he invited Polly the first year resident and Tex. His house was huge! We watched the fireworks and Peyton marveled at the enormous pool they had. We counted down at midnight and ushered in the new year dancing with Paisley and watching Peyton eat all of the cookies they had on the counter.
-2015- was like any year wonderful and hard all rolled up in one long and very short year. We are well into the next year and so far it has been amazing, I have high hopes for this year and the things we can achieve as a family.

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