Sunday, February 7, 2016

Christmas tree picking, Disney world and Bass proshops.

 November 27th- We went in search of our Christmas tree. It was a lot harder than I had anticipated, mostly because I am very indecisive and have some perfect tree in my mind; it can be hard to find the one you dreamed up. This was a fun lot with the sleigh but the trees were pricey, we ended up getting ours from Lowe's in the parking lot; not quite the experience I wanted for the kids but hey, we had a real Christmas tree for the first time in years and we loved it all season long.

                                                           Lowe's parking lot.

 December 7th-9th with the help of my parents and Aunt Star we were able to take our family to Disney World, it was a one night event called Mickey's Very Merry Christmas! We camped in Disney's camp ground Fort Wilderness. We arrived about a day and a half early to enjoy the beautiful 60 degree weather. We rode bikes, swam, went to a camp fire with Chip and Dale all that first night. We cooked some delicious food on a grill they had at our camp site and then bundled up at night in our snug tent. To my surprise I absolutely loved this camping trip ( We were right next to the bathrooms, so that was a plus) We went into the park around 4 pm the next day and tried to hit as many rides as we could. We did.. It's a small world, Peter pan, space mountain(3 times), Seven dwarfs (3 times), Buzz light year and watched the fabulous fire work show over the castle. We listened to the Christmas music playing, ate the free cookies and hot chocolate and the parade at the end of the night was simply fantastic. Me, Tate and Paisley even got to meet Belle from Beauty and the Beast, while Tex took Peyton to the bathroom. Around 9:00 pm after the fire work show Peyton couldn't keep his eyes open any longer and gave way to the sleep that was calling to him. We tried to wake him for the parade but it was no use.
                                         Some of Fort Wilderness.

                                            S more's before we met Chip and Dale. Not the best pictures :(

 It was kinda fun to see every one's camp sight too, they had them all decked out with lights and Christmas decorations, wish I had more pictures to depict how nuts people got :).

          A quick picture with goofy because he is awesome and because the line was really short.

 We found this snake one of the nights in a tree in our camp; we watched a racoon climb the tree and bite the snake. They faced off on the ground after the snake fell, Tex ultimately had to finish the snake off and the racoon left. One memory I would be okay to forget ( except when I read this).
 Peyton said he LOVED the rides but I think after looking at the evidence he might have been a little bit terrified as well.

 To our great surprise our elf Criddle came to visit soon after we got home from Orlando. He did many funny things as he always does.

 December 14th- We went to Bass Proshops  like we do every year and took pictures with Santa and looked around. One of our better years taking pictures with Santa but only because I held Paisley or it would have been a mess. I love their Christmas display it always looks so beautiful, perfect back drop for my little rug rats if they would just smile at the camera.

 December 15th and 16th- The boys were in their school Christmas programs. They both did so good. Because it was expensive we decided to switch off. I took Tate on the 15th and watched him and Tex took Peyton and watched him on the 16th. Tate sung and danced to Baby it's cold outside and Peyton sung and danced to is All I want for Christmas is you. Love these little boys so much.

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