Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I think we are all caught up :)

 August 9th- A walk we took around 7:00 when Tex got home early. Tate was riding his bike so fast and so far I could never catch him to take pics. They are building homes behind us like crazy, this is some of the wood we found and the boys are climbing/ playing hide n seek on it. It is super hot and muggy but for a few minutes while we are together and I am capturing these beautiful pictures of my family I cant even tell how uncomfortable I am ( it lasts only about 15-20 min) then I feel the sweat running down my back and the misquotes eating me and I quickly become annoyed and tell Tex I am going back in :)

                         August 12th-right above August 16th 2014 right below- Sunsets behind our home! I have loved practicing with my camera.
 We watched our friends kids (Dan and Christy Summers) August 16th she had a young women dance to chaperone with her husband. My kids love her kids and we had a really fun time taking a walk with them back behind our house,

 Tate Started his first day of Kindergarten at Somerset Silver Palms Academy August 18th, he should be in first grade but we didn't him back in when we came back to Florida for Texs last semester so he is re doing kindergarten and he seems to be doing great. I feel so blessed because the school is only a 5 min walk from our house, so far he has never been late. Our fist day was kinda of crazy, it was weird having Tate gone all day but me and Peyton read books and are getting use to our routine. Later that day Peyton cut himself with my sewing blade but didn't need stitches and its only been a week and its already all better. Its amazing what our body's can do.

 August 26th 2014- I made these little leg warmers for Paisley because she is crawling all over the place. I am super proud of myself for looking at the tutorial and making some instead of buying the super expensive cute ones from Etsy.

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  1. I just died after seeing all those pictures of Tate on his first day of school. What a stud. He is going to be so successful. How could he not? He is so handsome! Looks get opportunities!!