Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Paisley, Peyton turns 4 & the 4th of July

 This is June 12th- this is the first day Paisley sat up on her own, we were sitting at the park near our apartment in Sunny Isles (we were living at Avila Condominiums 200 177th dr apt 101 Sunny Isles Fl) I sat her down with a bunch of toys to see if she would sit with me behind her but when I backed away a little, she was doing it all on her own and she has been doing it ever sense. She was a little over 7 months old ;).

 June 15th was Peyton's 4th Birthday, We had some free movie tickets so Saturday the day before his birthday we went and saw Dragon Trainer 2 at the theater. It was such a good movie and so fun to hang out as a family. We had just moved into our home and had tons to do but wanted to spend some time as a family. Paisley was so unbelievably good during it, she played with toys, she slept, she even watched for a couple of minutes.  A very fun afternoon together.

 For his birthday we were having dinner with a family in our new ward Dan and Christy Summers. It happened to be Father day as well but they were nice enough to let us spend it with them. We only had two small gifts to open and the cupcakes that I made but he was very sweet and was happy for he got. Later in the week Grandma and Grandpa Orullian sent lots of really fun gifts that he still plays with. Peyton loves anything and everything small. They sent tiny tiny  animals, tiny cups, batman with a little motorcycle along with other fun things. We are blessed to have such amazing family! It is crazy how big he is,  Peyton we love you so much, you are full of energy and very funny, you are such a good little helper and I know you are going to do great things with your life!

 We spent the morning of the 4th of July at the grocery store and then the pool with Tex's senior resident Shannon and her little boy Noah she brought lots of red, white and blue snacks that were way yummy. Later we went to our friends The Summers for dinner and fire works. We went to Dan's work and watched them off the roof, we got eaten by misqitos but it was really magical to watch from the roof of a building. I am so thankful to live free and be and become who I want, it is because of the men and women who fight for our freedom that this is possible  and this year more then most I felt so blessed and thankful for it. My mom sent this fun wood fire work project for me to paint, I had the best time doing it and I think they turned out really cute. The Cookies were really yummy too. I found them on Pinterest, a cake mix, read and blue sprinkles and bam you are done.

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