Thursday, October 6, 2016

Kansas/ job search!

 Tex and I were fortunate enough to have been flown out to Kansas to take a closer look at the job opportunity they have their. It would be amazing because we would get to live in the same neighborhood as are close friends the Andersen's! Tex would work with Mike and he would make really good money with 6 weeks of vacation time, It's only a 13 hour drive from Utah and because it's a hospital system they have a loan forgiveness program. Lots of pluses! Tex also has some good opportunity in North Carolina that he is looking forward to exploring the first of November.
 We had the best time looking around the little town and spending time with our friends. Brittany and Mike are two of the best people I have ever known. She will forever be some one I look up to and love.
 The hospital put us up in a bran new hotel room, just recently built. The bed was so comfortable with so many fluffy pillows I thought I was laying on a cloud.

 On the Friday the 16th- Me and Britt got breakfast at Burger King and later we all went four wheeling in what use to have been the Arkansas river.

     We flew out of Garden City and it was the smallest air port ever! I got the biggest kick out of it :).

We got home at 1:00 am, It was a fun get away with Tex and so good to see my best friend! Our sister in law Beverly and Niece Sissy were both angels for coming to watch our three little ones for us. We were able to really take in Kansas and enjoy our self's knowing the kids were safe and being well taken care of. We even had a good portion of the next day to go to the beach and hang out with them before they went back to Texas.

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