Monday, October 13, 2014

Conference weekend and Hair cut for Peyton.

Peyton got a much needed hair cut last weekend. I think he looks so handsome, I am missing those curls he had as a toddler but he is growing up to be such a good looking little boy.

 We had general conference last weekend, this was our first conference having to watch it at the church because we still don't have wifi. It was a lot of planning ahead so that I was prepared to be at the church all day. Naps, food, bottles, blankets, entertainment for the boys, etc.. Tex was at the hospital for the entire weekend except for like the last talk on Sunday afternoon. Paisley took good naps and the boys did pretty good being cooped up in the church for a extended period of time. I love listening to our Prophet and church leaders. When I have time I would like to share some of the things in conference that stuck out to me. For now this is all I can share, the pictures.

 The day after conference we had to come back to the church, we sat out side because it was so beautiful and did Tate's on line home work again because we don't have internet. Can't wait until they run lines by our house.
 Tate had his first Basketball game on the October 7th. I love to watch these little guys with the ball, they never dribble and they do not want to pass the ball once they get it. It is always blazen hot outside but Tate seems to really like it. I am happy he has something he loves like this. I think its good for kids to be involved with things out side of home and school.

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