Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'm Pregnant with number three

I wanted to post this picture when I first took the test conference weekend ( April 8th 2013) but Tex said I should wait to make sure everything went well. I will be 15 weeks tomorrow and am so excited!! I have not felt well at all, my husband thinks I have the lowest pain tolerance of any one on the planet and I'm pretty sure he thinks most of it is in my head and that I'm doing it to make his life miserable. Maybe I do have a low pain tolerance all I know is I feel like I have had a bad flu bug for 7 weeks and I can't wait to feel a little better. I think I felt it move for the first time a few weeks ago and cant wait for it to get a little bigger so I can feel the big movements. I know I am not even close to perfect in general and definitely not perfect at being a mom but I am really excited to hold this little baby. I think the boys are really excited too. Tex is in the middle of rotations so I think he has to much on his mind to think to much of it but I hope he is excited and I hope we can work through this hard time in our lives. It hard when we can't put each other in our shoes, he is on his feet all day trying to put his best foot forward so we have good options for residency, when I don't feel well and am so tired all the time trying to take care of my high energy boys we both don't have a lot to give each other. It makes for some really quite nights. :( Any way baby number three we are so excited to meet you and that you are coming to our family!

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